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MATTHEw Herring

Matt, 24, passed away on 8/25/2017. Look Hard.  Please look hard. This is not a photo of a druggie but of a young man that was loved and that loved his family back and with a passion.  Look again! See the Boy Scout, the Football Player, the Lacross Player, the good friend to many, the Sailor, the Equipment Operator, the Hard Worker, the Prankster and yes, someone caught up in the drug world. But most importantly Matthew Herring was loved and adored and respected. Yes! respected but now, most of all missed.  


Jeff Bennett 

Jeff, 22, passed away on 12/5/2016.


Jessica Renee

Jessica, 24, passed away 3/20/2017. Jessica Rene was born in 1992. She was a warm and caring person who was loved dearly by her family. She was always honest, sincere and loving in every sense of the word. Jessica will be forever missed. 


Kevin Corey Brown

Kevin, 25, passed away 9/4/2016. Kevin will forever be 25. Herion took his life and robbed his family and friends of a sweet young man with goals and dreams. Kevin was a kind, loving person. He was always putting others before himself. His true passion was in the studio writing music and free-styling. He loved four wheeling, fishing, and spending time with his friends and family. He touched so many hearts and he will forever be missed by many.


Shawn Michael Kelly

Shawn, 26, passed away 2/25/2016.