The Matt Herring Foundation is here to help spread addiction awareness. We would like to give a voice to the Addict's family so they can be heard and their needs met. The Foundation seeks to provide information, resources, & support to those who find themselves in this crisis. 


Who is Involved?

Matt Herring Foundation has a volunteer Board of Directors consisting of many professionals with diverse interests and experience. These trustees have come together to help establish goals & direction for those who support the Matt Herring Foundation so that we can make a difference. 


Matt Herring Foundation is a Grassroots Organization that was formed when the Herring Family had a huge raw hole in their hearts after Matthew Herring died from an overdose.  The Foundation is committed to providing support through education, awareness, advocacy and through policy as well as legislation.  The First Goal was Family Support.  When a family member is addicted the stigma leaves an addict’s family alone, hurting, ashamed and oftentimes abandoned by friends and even family members. The Foundation also recognizes the need for a program that will provide 360 degrees of support from detox, through rehabilitation and committed recovery.  MATT, which stands for Managing Addiction Through Teamwork, is committed to hosting educational forums, searching for effective programs that will tend to the physical and emotional wellbeing for the whole person and family.  Matt Herring Foundation aims to provide assistance to individuals who are struggling as well as their families and loved ones, while working with providers, seeking and implementing services and finding alternatives to opiate abstinence.

A beautiful way to celebrate the life not death of Matt Herring. We can not let Matt die in vain, we must use this loss of a great guy to be able to save others and the pain of their families...
— Ellice Fincher

current Achievements 

  • The Matt Herring Foundation is currently registered as a 501C3 non-profit.


  • Continuing to try and fill the gaps which break the chain of support for those that are most vulnerable.


  • We are committed to helping end the stigma & shame associated with addiction by being open and honest, and encouraging others to do the same.


  • The Matt Herring Foundation has teamed up with The Dutchess County Department of Health & The Wappinger Town Supervisor to provide free Narcan Training to the community.


  • Material and apparel has been designed and printed. The goal is to raise awareness as we are participating in local community day parades.


  • We are providing some support for people who are managing their recovery, as well as for their families.