Keeping It Real With G'ma


It all started when…

Keeping It Real with G'ma offers a shoulder to lean on while dealing with a love one's addiction. Judgment free. A place to relieve the stress of it all.

The meeting location for 'Keeping It Real with G’ma' is:           33 Herring Drive, Fishkill, NY

We meet to First, Third, & Fifth Thursday of every month .

For more info call Sharon at 845-629-0030
Open to the public. No registration required.


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DRUG CRISIS IN OUR BACKYARD: Family support groups at the Hopewell Reformed Church second & fourth Thursday of every month. 

CAFE LEXINGTON: Meetings at 41 Page Park Drive. Poughkeepsie NY. Contact Katrina at    (845) 486-2950 ext. 1820 .