Introducing our current board of Trustees 

President: Tara Ashburn

Vice President: Luke Kohlmaier

Secretary: Steve Diamond

Assistant Secretary: Kelly Gage

Treasurer: Maria Wainwright

V.P. of IT: Trista Polo

V.P. of Policy & Legislation: Lori Jiava

Member at Large: Sharon Herring

Sandy Bredthauer

Matt Mullaney

Tom Quinn: A licensed clinical social worker with a doctoral degree in social welfare, Tom has more than 25 years providing treatment and leadership. Experiences include treating combat veterans with both trauma histories and addiction, and teaching addictions and related professional studies at the undergraduate level at Marist College, and at the graduate level at Adelphi University School of Social Work. Areas of professional focus are addictions and trauma treatment, and Tom has published in the areas of using cognitive behavioral therapy with recidivist DWI offenders, and trauma and the developmental course of PTSD post deployment. Tom is currently serving as Director of Addictions Services for a hospital-based continuum of addiction treatment services..