David Plaza Memorial Benefit - 02/10/2018

Last night we officially joined Armies with a powerful group. It’s heartbreaking that it took losing Dave Plaza and Matt Herring to spark the bond we now have. I wish it was a bond celebrating recovery but through our pain we will make a difference. We have one love and we will use that love to help others not feel alone through the struggle and hopefully prevent the awful pain of loss that we feel. Dave and Matt left so much love that we will be paying it forward to enact change in the Stigma and loneliness suffered by families and friends of addicts. Such an amazing group of individuals that we had the pleasure of meeting and working with this evening. They packed the house with people, raffle items, Love and special moments new and old. I am so looking forward to the next time we work together towards our goals. The love you had for Dave and the amazing work you did was awesome. I am a new fan of Stinson as well great food and service thank you for your generosity and hosting the event. Matt thank you for continuing to bring such beautiful souls into our life to help fill the void you left. Tonight you gave us a bunch. Hope that you and Dave shared a moment watching us tonight. ~TA ❤️


Keeping it real with G'ma - 01/09/2018

Keeping it Real with G’Ma is a support group open to the public for all people dealing with the side-effects of substance abuse by family members. As of January 2018, we are collaborating with Drug Crisis in our Backyard to offer a place to go every Thursday evening in Dutchess County and Tuesday evenings in Putnam and Westchester Counties. The G’Ma meetings are run in the home of James and Sharon Herring to honor their grandson Matthew, who died of a drug overdose in August 2017. Everybody deserves and needs a shoulder to lean on.



The evening of November 6, 2017, Lori Sucich Jiava kept the Odyssey Diner packed with people to show support for the Matt Herring Foundation. That little woman can waitress. Thank you to each and everyone of you that came from near and far. We were touched. Really touched. Below is a picture of Matt Herring's mom surrounded by supporters.


Candle light vigil - 10/26/17

A simple Thank You seems so inadequate. The Candle Light Vigil that took place 10/26/2017 was spectacular. So many people added their special piece to this event, it is impossible to name everyone. Your presence alone touched so many people that needed support. We know everyone felt the love. Our Foundation will be forever grateful.


Narcan Training - 10/01/17

The Town of Wappinger and Lori Sucich Jiava along with Kia Newman working through his assistant Brittany and Jessica from Wappingers were responsible for the Narcan training received by over 50 people today at the Town Hall on Middlebush Road. The Matt Herring Foundation helped in sponsoring this great event. Flu shots were given out as well as Rabies shots and Microchipping of pets. The Herrings even brought their beloved Boxer, Dozer. Great community event. We were so proud to be a part of it.


Town of Wappinger - 09/09/17

The Town of Wappinger Community Day Parade and event was the first organized event the Matt Herring Foundation took part in. Senator Sue Serino, Town Supervisor Lori Jiava and the entire Town Officials embraced us and encouraged us to get our message out so that we could reach as many people as possible. Dozen of people helped us prepare, march and man the table where we handed out literature and spoke to a few people who had lost loved ones to this heroin epidemic. We reached many that currently have loved ones caught up in the fight for their life. A special thank you to Lori Jiava for the encouragement all day. We feel our work has begun.


Cold Spring Waterfront - 08/31/17

Our group in attendance of the International Overdose Awareness Day "Time to remember to act" candle light vigil; Remembering those who we have lost to addiction, & supporting those still battling.   


Chelsea Yacht Club - 08/27/17

Matthews father, sister, and cousin surrounded by some of his close friends after the service. Honoring Matthews memory with smiles.